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When deciding on a cooler for your Polaris ACE one-seat buggy,  you’ll find that the locations on your rig where one will fit are quite limited. The most obvious place to store a cooler is in the rear cargo bed. However this area gets very hot, so you might want to put down some insulated mats if your ice is melting too quickly. You can also put down a drying rack for dishes or a cooling rack for cooking. All you need is to create just enough space for a little air gap under the cooler. Many folks like hard-sided coolers for a variety of reasons. You can sit on them, they’re tough and reliable, and they generally keep things cold for longer than their soft-sided cooling comrades. Igloo’s BMX 25 cooler is a popular one, and of course, the Yeti 35 is top-notch. The only downside to these styles of coolers, though, is that in order to properly strap them down, you restrict access and sacrifice quickness and ease of entry. Sure you can just throw it in the back without tie-downs, but are you really willing to risk losing your frosty brews? Many coolers -- especially those specifically made for off-roading -- come with built-in rope handles on the sides or something similar. Many, however, are way too expensive for a lot of riders.


2 products

2 products

The 25 qt Magellan is a cheaper option that works great,  and the small Ozark trail coolers from Walmart work surprisingly well for short rides and day trips. If there’s a Princess Auto in your area you can go there and get one of their bigger ammo boxes. It fits like a glove in the cargo bed of the ACE and retails for around $25. Although not specifically a cooler, it can keep things cool short term. QuadBoss makes a great cooler that fits great in the bed of the ACE 570 and ACE 325, but it doesn’t fit in the ACE 900, so make sure to measure your specific model and check the specs before you pull the trigger on anything. For maximal cooling space, the modular Coleman stackable coolers are great. Use only one for solo trips, or stack multiple ones on top of each other if you’re out with your crew. If you want a cooler in the cargo bed but still want space for other supplies, the RTIC 20 is a solid option, and so too is the WACO 28L fridge, which fits the back bed with a little room for other stuff on either side. Whatever cooler you choose to go with, just know that it gets hot and dusty back there in the cargo bed. But just because a cooler is less expensive doesn’t mean that it can’t do the job and keep your food and beverages nice and cold.

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