Clutches and Clutch Kits

Many Polaris ACE owners -- and ones with larger tires in particular -- choose to upgrade their rig’s clutching system for better performance and ride quality. However, the ACE clutch kit that will optimize your machine will depend on a few factors. How big/ heavy your tires are, what, if any, power mods you have made, and your overall driving style will all come into play when determining what to do with your clutch. For example, a lifelong customer and friend of the site recently reached out asking how big he could go with his 900 XC tires without modifying the clutch. His model came stock with 27” Dirt Commanders, but he was wanting to run a 30” rock tire on 14” beadlocks. Depending on who you ask, some will say you can get away with it, but most of the folks who know a thing or two about off-roading would recommend throwing a clutch kit in the primary at least, but it’s hard to say. Sometimes these machines respond really well to clutching adjustments and upgrades. Other times, the benefits of clutch modifications can be lackluster. Winding up the secondary tighter and removing all the extra shims will reduce belt deflection and bump up the rpm's a bit, but really have to get in there and experiment to find out what works best for your ride

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That being said, for most cases a clutch kit is worth the money. They will smooth out your ACE’s accelerations, making them less jerky, and prevent power loss in both the low- and high-end power ranges. Aftermarket Assassins makes a good primary clutch kit, and you can leave the stock secondary clutch how it came. Alternatively, you can go for a 3P primary clutch with an EPI spring. Hunterworks rollers, and an aftermarket EPI spring on your secondary -- a setup that works particularly well with bulky mud tires greater than 30”. If you’ve installed a clutch kit in your ACE but are still running poorly in the low- or high-end power ranges, you may want to investigate getting a spring made for mid-power ranges to balance things out. And if you really want to haul, combine your aftermarket clutch kit with an Evo slip-on exhaust and a computer reflash and your machine will be a completely different animal!

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