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Is it time for you to change the brakes, brake pads, or brake rotors on your Polaris Ace? Are you looking to step away from your stock brake lines or basically change over your entire brake system to an aftermarket alternative that is no doubt as good, if not better than the one that your UTV came with? If that unmatched breaking potential is your intent, then you have not only come to the right place, but you will be beyond satisfied by the breaking options and performance that they deliver when called upon to perform. No more screening to a halt. No more vibrating brake pads. And no more warped brake rotors or defunct brake calipers. We can satisfy all your Polaris ACE braking needs right here at Everything Polaris RZR!

If you've ever opened up a front or rear Polaris ACE break assembly, you might have noticed that the pads have square holes that fit over a round peg. If you're really astute, you'll likely also see that there's about a six-thousandth of an inch clearance between the break pads and the break calipers. As you might expect, at certain speeds, the vibration from the tires can get the breaks to vibrate, and that sound transfers throughout the entire machine. If you've experienced this in your ACE, you might want to try cleaning the break assembly. You can also put 1/4” wide spacers in that are only three-thousandths of an inch thick inside the square holes on the pads while one the caliper peg. Tighten those puppies down and that pesky sound should be gone and the operation of the caliper won't be affected. Things like air in the brake lines as well as bunk brake sensors can also cause braking issues in the Polaris ACE. Bleeding the brake lines and keeping the brake cables nice and clean is a good place to start. If the issues continue, it might be time for a new brake sensor. The Polaris ACE uses a pressure sensor for the brake, which plugs into the master cylinder. There is also a safety sensor by the pedal for starting the motor, and this sensor is also known to to go out from time to time. Be it switches for the brake lights, brake sensors, or the physical components of the ACE brakes like rotors, pads, or calipers, here at Everything Polaris RZR, if we don't have the ACE braking components you're after, no one will.

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Choosing from the brands you see here guarantees you the best options for your Ace and that is exactly what you get when you take the time to look at the brake options that we carry for your Side by Side. Stay safe in your next race or your next adventure.

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