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If you're looking for a stock replacement axle for your Polaris ACE,  Tusk makes some good-bang-for-the-buck axles. If you are rolling around on the ruts with a set of thick and beefy tires, you may want to upgrade to an aftermarket axle -- which are available for even the earliest models like the Polaris ACE 325. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a quick cheap fix or a long term axle solution, we’ve got axles across the spectrum of price and quality. Eastlake ACE axles out of Florida run as cheap as $70 each. The Houston based UTV parts manufacturing firm Cobra makes a super strong aftermarket Polaris ACE axle, but it’ll cost you a bit more at $250 per axle. If you’re a casual rider that takes it easy, the cheaper options should do. But if you trudge through that deep butter mud, climb rough and rocky hills, and/or power over ruts like an Olympic skier in the Mogle section, you may find that these cheaper stock-style axles just don’t cut it.


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Things such as lifts, forward a-arms, and suspension extensions tend to change the geometry of the Polaris ACE.  Slight changes in geometry won’t make much of a difference in the driveline in terms of force direction and load capacity, but change the angle too much and you might put added stress on the axles; causing them to break more frequently. Additionally, if you lengthen your suspension or crank up your shocks to full extension, your ACE may drop lower than the max extent of travel, causing an axle to pop out. A common reason for this is problems with the axle clips. Many riders also complain about the axle cups on the back feeling floppy. A little bit of play between the splines of the gear box and the splines of the axel. This is not only normal, but a design feature so that the axel doesn’t seize in the differential. But if your axle is a little too sloppy, dinged up, or snapped completely, at Everything Polaris RZR, we can get you hooked up with a new one in no time.