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A-Arms and A-Arm Guards

Be it a replacement a-arm similar to stock Polaris ACE a-arms, or aftermarket high clearance Polaris ACE a-arms, we’ve got a variety of a-arms and A-arm guards for your single seat Sportsman. Among the forward a-arm options out there, the ones by companies like SuperATV can provide lift in various increments -- typically around 1.5” -- and provide improvements in handling, steering, and strength. They are about twice the weight of the originals, and with stock tires, will make your rig handle better at high speeds on rock/dirt roads. And because the stock ACE doesn’t have much clearance -- perhaps causing you to bottom out everywhere you go -- forward a-arms work well in conjunction with lift kits to raise the machine.

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Obviously, there’s a reason why Polaris designed the ACE to be what it is. When you alter the ace design, mixing and matching parts haphazardly, you can actually ruin the ride quality and diminish performance. If you know what you’re doing, however, you can easily tailor your generic stock ACE to better handle particular terrain types. With aftermarket forward a-arms, your ACE’s handling will improve and it will be less harsh on landings and over whoops. Forward control arms also alter the machine’s center of, making it less prone to nosedive when airborne.

In terms of installation, getting a new control arm hooked up isn’t that bad. Start by removing the cotter pin from the ball joint then loosen the nut until it’s flush with the end of the thread. Use a soft-face hammer and tap the nut to loosen the a-arm from the ball joint. If the ball joints don’t pop, you may need to rent a puller / separate press tool to get them out -- tools which will also speed up the process and make it less of a struggle.

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