Which Polaris RZR Accessories are best for Rocky Trails?

Aug 30th 2020

The Polaris RZR was built with the adrenaline-seeking enthusiast in mind, and while that often speaks to the need for speed, the riders looking to reach new heights weren’t forgotten in the process. As enthusiasts are aware, steep rides and bumpy trails are a cakewalk for the Polaris RZR. However, despite the already-capable machine, there are plenty of parts and accessories that can aid riders while embarking on a heart-pumping climb up a trail.

Polaris RZR 900/ XP 1000/ XP Turbo Front Suspension Frame Support by SuperATV

You can’t climb a mountain without the right support, nor can you tackle those extra-steep trails. The Turbo Front Suspension Frame Support by SuperATV will help your RZR to conquer the toughest climbs every time. Constructed from durable 4.5mm thick carbon steel, this frame is designed to get you to your destination without fail every time. 

Polaris RZR Front Shock Guards by Assault Industries

Your Polaris RZR wasn’t cheap, so why not spend a little more to protect your investment? These front shock guards are designed exactly in the way the name implies: to protect your front shock absorber shafts. Whether it be from flying debris on the trail or other potentially harmful objects, the shock guards can save you time and money by protecting your investment from premature shock failure. Constructed from 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, the shock guards are easy to install and are wildly efficient in keeping your rig protected from potential harm. 

Polaris RZR 900/1000 Rear Cage Support by SuperATV

You never know what can happen out on the trails, so it’s best to be prepared for anything, right? Uneven terrain and bumpy trails pose a threat to even the most experienced riders. Adding the Rear Cage Support ensures that, in the event of a rollover, you and your passengers will be protected. Built using 1-1/2-inch steel tubing, this rugged steel cage provides the extra support and protection needed to avoid injury. Slip-resistant clamps that connect your rear bumper to the roll cage adds that extra protection that could mean the difference between sustaining an injury or walking away unscathed. 

Polaris RZR 4500 lb. Black Ops Synthetic Rope Winch by SuperATV

You never know when you might get yourself into a bind, but being able to get yourself out of it is essential on the trails. This winch offers a 12 volt, 1.3hp motor to give power and stamina, along with 50 feet of synthetic rope that will withstand anything thrown its way. Other features include a wireless remote control for an easier and wider range of movement; brakes to hold on inclines; a weather-proof seal to protect against the elements; and an efficient electrical system for sustained battery life. With all these benefits, this winch should be on your must-have list of accessories necessary to hit those rocky trails. 

Polaris RZR Carnivore 8-ply Radial Tire- 14 and 15 Inch by Maxxis

The perfect tires will get you out of any bind, and that’s exactly what the Carnivore 8-ply Radial Tire is for. Designed to lift you out of any “rocky” situation, these offroad tires are designed with enough traction to conquer even the most extreme terrain. This tire was constructed specifically to conquer rocky terrain, with 8 ply rated radial construction, which offers a durable resistance to punctures that might be sustained on the trails. 

Conquering that steep mountain trail can be daunting, but you won’t have to worry so long as you outfit your rig with the proper materials. Take the challenge head-on, and let Everything Polaris RZR help along the way. We have a wide selection of parts and accessories that will help you reach new heights.