RIDE COMMAND Takes Off-Roading in your RZR to a New Dimension

Feb 2nd 2017

Polaris® Industries has launched a new, fully-integrated, 7" display called RIDE COMMAND™. It’s like having a built-in, GPS-on-steroids style of system in your UTV and is available in Polaris Limited Edition RZR XP 1000 EPS LE models or as an add-on accessory. RIDE COMMAND is much more than a GPS. It allows you to connect with your friends, view ride stats, plan rides, create groups, invite friends, check the weather, coordinate with friends, and share the experience all from the driver’s seat of your Polaris RZR XP 1000. RIDE COMMAND is just one more way that Polaris is revolutionizing the off-road experience. Polaris RIDE COMMAND 7” Display Polaris RIDE COMMAND 7” Display

Polaris® RIDE COMMAND™ 7” Display Features

Easily keep track of friends and share the riding experience. Use RIDE COMMAND to create a group and invite riders to join you by sharing the group via social media, text or email. Quickly view other riders in our group and set someone as the leader so that everyone in the group can follow and enjoy the same thrilling ride. “Eat my dust” takes on a whole new meaning with RIDE COMMAND. RIDE COMMAND comes with several additional features to track rides, waypoints, ride statistics, vehicle maintenance, find nearby dealerships, riding areas, and other points of interests. Polaris truly thought of everything with their new RIDE COMMAND display system. The 7” screen is Glove Touch capable and is designed to work like a hub for your system. You can Integrate front and rear cameras, GoPro cameras, in-vehicle communication systems, and audio systems. The RIDE COMMAND display also seamlessly connects to the RIDE COMMAND mobile app so that you can stay connected with your friends or group whether they have an integrated system or not. The RIDE COMMAND display system also comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily listen to your favorite tunes while you ride! Polaris RIDE COMMAND Mobile App Off-road riding can now be a fully social event. Upload your ride and share it socially so that others can experience your ride too. As Polaris stated, their RIDE COMMAND system “creates the most comprehensively connected off-road experience ever” and we completely agree! See RIDE COMMAND in action with this video. You can also try the system out for yourself on Polaris’ website via an interactive simulation here.

Polaris® RIDE COMMAND™ Mobile App

For those that do not have the integrated 7” RIDE COMMAND display, there is a mobile app. Experience the same great application features like Group Ride, Follow the Leader, social invites, weather radar and more from your smartphone or tablet. The RIDE COMMAND mobile app can be downloaded for free from AppStore or Google Play.

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