Polaris RZR vs. Polaris Ranger - What's the Difference?

Apr 21st 2020

If you go to Google and type in the name of this article, you’ll find several threads all asking the same question: What is the difference between the Polaris Ranger and the Polaris RZR? As enthusiasts of both the Ranger and Razor lineups, we can tell you that, though they come from the same manufacturer, there are many factors that differentiate the Polaris Ranger and Polaris RZR from one another. From functionality and intended use to options for aftermarket parts and accessories, the Ranger and RZR each have their own unique characteristics that are meant to deliver different experiences to different types of customers. 

So, what is it that makes each of these units different from one another? First, let’s take a look at the differences in the intended use of each side-by-side line. By doing this, we can shine some light on the various customer segments within the UTV market, and hone in on the traits of each vehicle which make it better suited for one application over another.

The Polaris RZR

Just take one look at the RZR and answer this: Does it not look like a lean, mean, trail-crushing machine? With engine performance capabilities that’ll send adrenaline coursing through your veins, and a suspension system that will make you feel as though you’re flying over rough terrain, the Polaris RZR is certainly not for the faint of heart. In fact, certain RZR models like the Polaris RZR Turbo and RZR Turbo S Velocity can even reach 80mph for those drivers who are daring enough to reach such a fast speed. The RZR is meant to conquer even the rockiest and steepest terrain with ease, while promising the adrenaline rush of a lifetime for those flying over sand dunes and across open prairies. While the RZR is sure to send your heart rate flying into the skies above, we strongly recommend you exercise caution while behind the wheel of this beast, and always ride responsibly. Helmets are often warn by RZR owners as a precautionary measure, and half-shell helmets as well as full-face helmets are required by law in some states. Although some Ranger owners use helmets, seatbelts, and other safety accessories like 4-point harnesses and grab handles, these aftermarket add-ons are far more prolific within the Polaris RZR.

The Polaris Ranger

While the Ranger can certainly give rise to similar fun-filled adventures and misadventures on the trails, this machine is built to be a workhorse for farmers, hunters, fishers, and outdoors-people. Anyone who might need a solid machine with hauling capabilities, towing capabilities, and a strong backbone would choose the Polaris Ranger. The vehicle can be outfitted with cargo bed extenders for extra hauling capacity, and you can add a hitch receiver as well as a tow-behind utility trailer for an even greater ability to move material from point A to point B. With two or four-seater Crew units available, these machines are perfect for transporting your friends to the hunting lease, your ice hut to a good fishing spot, or your family of four to a campsite for a weekend getaway. 

While the Ranger Mid-Size, Ranger Full-Size, and Ranger Crew editions have been built for utility use, where there’s work, there must be an option for play- and the Ranger is no exception. Though you won’t reach the same pulse-pounding speeds as you will behind the wheel of the RZR, the Ranger has been built with the capabilities necessary to both bring riders an afternoon of fun and service a full forty-hour workweek on the farm.

While both the RZR and Ranger can be used for varying purposes and on carrying terrain types, the function of each is clear. The Ranger is built for work, and the RZR is built for play. Either is a good option, and like the Ranger can be used for recreation, the RZR can be used for work. But keep in mind that each vehicle has been built to serve specific purposes, and depending on what your purposes are for purchasing the unit, you may want to go with the one that best serves your intended use. Either way, head over to Everything Polaris RZR or Everything Polaris Ranger and we’ll help you outfit your brand-new machine with all of the aftermarket parts and accessories you could possibly need!