Door Options For The Polaris RZR: A Full Breakdown And Analysis Of RZR Doors

Mar 10th 2019

Polaris RZR Doors: A UTV Door Buyer’s Guide For RZR Owners

The results of a recent poll we conducted using past customers as a sample group showed that a majority of Polaris RZR owners think that doors are the one accessory that should be standard on the RZR from the factory. As lifelong UTV enthusiasts, this result does not surprise us here at Everything Polaris RZR. We racked our minds and can honestly say that we know very few people that own RZRs for long without adding at least lower doors. Obviously, riders in northern latitudes are more inclined to run doors on their RZRs due to lower temperatures in winter. But surprisingly, we found that most riders in warm climates choose to run RZR doors as well.

So if you’re like most RZR owners out there and are weighing your options for the best Polaris RZR doors, RS1 doors, and RZR 4 doors, this article is aimed at you. Whether you’re looking for RZR lower door inserts, RZR full doors, or a complete RZR enclosure kit, it is always important to do your due diligence before buying any aftermarket accessory.

RZR Lower Door Inserts

The options for lower RZR doors are myriad, with prices varying wildly depending on the brand as well as where you shop. You can find cheap door options on sites like Ebay, but many riders would prefer to pay a bit more for a set of RZR doors that are guaranteed to last long and perform on all levels under any condition. If you’ve bought some cheap doors for your RZR, you’ve likely had some of your weather stripping tear off or degrade. If you tear the old weather stripping off, your door wil rattle. Luckily, however, there are solutions out there to fix this problem. Any auto store should carry replacement weather stripping, or some grey foam for windows and doors can work as well if your in a pinch. But if you don’t have the time or willingness to mess around with cheap doors or aftermarket Polaris RZR door hinges, it may be worth it for you to pop on some higher quality RZR doors.

The removable 2-door and 4-door RZR door sets by PRP are a little more expensive than the cheapest options, but they do the trick and can be thrown on in a hurry. The only caveat with these doors is that they tend to bend easily. Other RZR door manufacturers like Trail Armor and Pro Armor are popular as well. You may have to adjust the latch from time to time -- especially if you beat the crap out of them. But on the whole, both companies are well respected in the RZR community for their commitment to making quality RZR doors and accessories.   

Spike Powersports came out with a door recently, and they’re the closest thing we’ve seen to OEM RZR doors -- and they fit a little better than OEM doors as well. The larger opening of these doors allows for greater visibility, and the rattle-free door latches they use work wonders on eliminating that annoying door rattle. The only improvement we would suggest is making it so that the windows can be completely zipped out.

A few other things to look out for when shopping for Polaris RZR doors are:

  • Is there a built-in armrest for comfort?
  • Are the door panels precision cut around the openings to reduce gaps and ensure a tight seal?
  • Is the open/close action smooth and precise?
  • Do the door panels and / or the powder coating color scheme of the doors match the rest of your machine?
  • Do the doors feature internal tabs for mounting door bags?

This last point is one that is often overlooked. Most people buy their doors, then find an RZR door bag that fits them. But if you look into both doors and door bags beforehand, you might be able to get a package deal. SuperATV, PRP, and Bombshell Gear all make great UTV door bags. The fabric they use is tough, durable, and impervious to mud, and with an RZR door bag, your cab will be far less cluttered and way more organized.

RZR Full Doors and Enclosures

A great advantage of UTVs over ATVs is the protection they provide from the elements. We ride with ATV owners in our crew during the winter, and needless to say, it’s far more comfortable in a heated, fully enclosed cab, than it is in the open with a -50-degree wind chill. When faced with a choice between having your jacket frozen solid in the position you were riding in, having icicles form on your beard, or sitting comfortably in the cockpit donning light winter wear, most people would choose the latter.  

When it comes to RZR enclosures, few do it better than UTV Giant. However, A2Z Canvas, CEC Enclosures, and Over Armour also make good enclosures for the Polaris RZR lineup that fit well and hold their own against the elements. Polaris-branded enclosures are alright as well. And while we usually advise against anything Polaris branded simply because of the exorbitant costs, Polaris RZR enclosures made by Polaris are convenient because they open with the door so you don’t have to unzip them every time you enter and exit the cab.

Alternatively, we’ve seen a few RZR owners fab up their own enclosures. Using ¼” metal rods or ¾” PVC pipe bent into shape for the frame, clear vinyl or a shower curtain for the windows, zip ties or duct tape to keep everything in place, and the patience and persistence to throw it all together, you can make your own RZR enclosure or doors at home!    

Preventing Overheating With RZR Doors

On the opposite end of the climate spectrum, riders in hot climates often choose to take their doors off in the summer because of in-cab heat. To keep things cool while you ride, you can insulate the tunnel with foam or add foil tape. Wolfsnout sells a good heat insulation kit if you want something to just pop in place and other Polaris RZR heat shield options exist to keep engine and exhaust heat at bay. Alternatively, you could also cut a piece of roll bar padding to fit, which utilizes the same concept as the Wolfsnout heat insulation kit with a more homemade approach.