Polaris RZR Bumpers: A Buyer's Guide

Mar 3rd 2019

Polaris RZR Bumpers: A Thorough Analysis Of UTV Bumpers

When you think of UTV bumpers -- or any bumpers for that matter -- protection is what comes to mind. And while absorbing impact in minor collisions is a key role that Polaris RZR bumpers play -- protecting not only the machine’s radiator, but also it’s headlights, tailgate, taillights, and more -- there is more to UTV bumpers than meets the eye. There are low-profile bumpers, tube bumpers, deep-drop bumpers, bull bumpers… I could go on and on. And not only do these different types of bumpers provide different levels of protection for your Polaris RZR, but many have gone well beyond their intended purpose of protection.

Side-by-side bumpers these days can house winches and lights, and they can be augmented with hooks and shackle receivers for towing, mounting tools / hardware, or other purposes. Front and rear RZR bumpers can even be integrated into roll cages, creating a complete barrier to not only safeguard the machine, but also its occupants. And similar to how front and rear UTV bumpers defend a machine from both ends, tree kickers and nerf bars can help guard it from the sides and from below. So let’s take a closer look at Polaris RZR bumpers to identify the pros and cons of each bumper type.

Low Profile RZR Bumpers

The sleek look and inconspicuousness of low profile UTV bumpers makes them popular among riders who want that added bit of protection, but who also want to keep things simple. Generally, low profile bumpers are tubular, and can be found in a few typical shapes. A flat low profile bumper is just as it sounds, a straight bar that runs parallel to the front end of a vehicle. Low profile bumpers can also flare up on the ends, granting a little more protection to the machine’s headlights. But in most cases, low profile and prerunner style bumpers offer little protection for anything high on the front body of the RZR.  

RZR Bull Bumpers    

Due to the easy installation process of bull bumpers, their stylish look, and the way they facilitate airflow to the radiator, RZR bull bumpers are quite common on the Polaris RZR scene. Like low profile bumpers, they primarily protect the radiator, but do provide a bit of protection for the machine’s headlights under some circumstances. Most bull bumpers come with winch mounts, which is yet another reason why they are so prolific in the RZR community. Companies like Bad Dawg and Wild Boar are notorious among riders for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their bull bumpers are top sellers, and it’s not hard to see why.    

RZR Rear Bumpers

Front bumpers often take center stage because they protect the all-important radiator. But rear RZR bumpers have their place too, and deserve a bit of the spotlight. Rear Step-Up bumpers can help you access the bed, while other rear RZR bumpers help to protect the tail lights in the event that you get rear-ended.

Fully-Integrated RZR Bumper Roll Cages

For those of you looking for a bed-delete roll cage bumper combo for complete protection, a fully-integrated RZR bumper and roll cage will protect you from the nastiest crashes and rollovers. Although this may be a tad overkill for most riders, for those select few who take things to the extreme, this is the perfect way to stay safe while pushing the limits.

In Closing

Be it a low-panel rear bumper, a front bumper with a built-in light bar, or anything on the spectrum in between, when it comes to bumpers for the Polaris RZR, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. And while many riders choose to fab up their own bumpers at home, with companies like SuperATV, Axiom, and many more coming out with ever greater bumpers -- bumpers that are primed, powder coated, and built to last decades -- you’d be hard pressed to build a bumper that compares on any level. That being said, as long as you at least run a bumper on your RZR, you’re already leaps and bounds ahead of other riders that don’t. To stay safe on the trail and protect your rig from serious damage, an RZR bumper is a must!