Buyers Guide for a Polaris RZR Snow Plow

Jan 1st 2019

If you live up north, then you know winter is coming. And that means a lot of snow. In some areas of the country, it’s not unusual for Mother Nature to dump a mountain of the white stuff in a matter of hours. If you’re tired of battling the blizzard’s wrath with a mere shovel or snow blower, then it’s time to outfit your RZR with a snow plow that will get the job done like a pro. Most RZR snow plow kits are winch-mounted with an adjustable angle for a range of different applications. They vary in size and strength, with blade widths that run from 50” to 72”. Prices range from about $400 to $1,000, so it’s important to compare features to get the most bang for your buck.


Extreme Metal Products is based in Cleveland, Ohio - where they know a thing or two about moving snow. While EMP Snow Plows are a bit pricier, they are incredibly strong and have the ability to swivel and adapt to any terrain. That makes EMP the go-to choice for cutting trails, clearing uneven ground, and powering through heavy powder. They also feature an optional Power Angle, allowing you to adjust the blade without having to get out of your seat!
  • Surface following pivot mount is standard
  • 14 Ga Steel Blade with 1/4” stiffener braces – 20” height, 72 inches width
  • Optional Electric/Hydraulic Power Angle
  • Frame is made from 1/4" and 3/8” thick A36 American Steel.
  • Powder Coated for superior corrosion protection.
  • Dual Trip Springs - – Plow shoes included
  • Attaches to machine quickly with supplied hitch pins.
  • Will require a winch and winch mount specific to each vehicle


The SuperATV Heavy Duty RZR Snow Plow is made with 10-gauge steel and a 7-gauge steel cutting edge, making it one of the toughest plows available. The plow’s frame is fully adjustable so you can install it with any size lift kit and still get a level blade. And with a simple bolt-on mount, it’s an easy accessory to throw on when you need it and stow away when not in use.
  • Heavy duty 10 gauge steel construction
  • Available in three lengths: 52 ”, 60 ” & 72 ”
  • Winch mount: bolt-on design with quick connect
  • 5 adjustable plowing angles from 0 to 23 degrees
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Interchangeable blades and mounts
  • Complete Kit
  • Plow color is black


The Kolpin Switchblade Plow System is one of the most affordable RZR snow plows on the market, and features an adjustable steel blade that can extend from 60” to 72”. This plow-in-a-box conveniently fits in the back of your vehicle and can be assembled in just one hour.
  • Complete Plow-in-a-Box, minus Winch
  • Stamped steel blade technology adjusts to either 60” or 72” width
  • Robust square tube steel chassis with strategically placed reinforcements
  • 5-position blade angle
  • Easy to assemble and install universal underbody mount
  • Requires winch (sold separately)
  • Assembles in under 1 hour
  • Box fits in the back of your vehicle for easy transport

Eagle Plow

Eagle Plow offers a Complete Plow System that comes with the Eagle Plow Mount, Push Tube, V-Plow, Country Plow, and Standard Plow. With adjustable features and sizes, all built tough using American steel, you can fully customize your RZR for any job.

RZR Plow Mount

  • Manufactured from 7-gauge steel
  • Single-piece design
  • Includes Grade 5 hardware and mounting instructions
  • Made in U.S.A

RZR Push Tube

  • Strongest in the industry!
  • Features a V-shaped push tube for added stability
  • Lifts to 28"
  • Winch lift only
  • Standard Eagle Plow swivel
  • 5/8" blade swivel pivot mount and pin
  • 1/2" blade mounting pivots
  • Swivel is constructed of 3/8" thick material and 1-3/4" angle iron for strength and wear
  • Swivel attaches to blade 20" apart for the strongest blade mounting system
  • Built-in blade stops (prevents dented blade)
  • Five pivot positions up to 26.5" angle adjustment
  • Four-position, 3/8" thick blade pitch stop


  • 66" and 72" V-Plow design specifically for UTVs
  • Manufactured from 11-gauge steel
  • Plow color is red

Country Plow

  • 60" wide design specifically for RZR mid-size
  • Manufactured from 12-gauge steel
  • Rolls the snow away from the path
  • Includes the top rubber flap
  • Plow color is black

Standard Plow

  • 60", 66" and 72" wide design specifically for UTVs
  • Extra-wide 72" design plows a wide path and features end supports for added strength
  • Manufactured from 12-gauge steel