Strong Made

Strong Made, also called Savant Manufacturing Incorporated was established 25 years ago, and if there is one thing they have achieved, it is being one of the best companies to product metal ATV and UTV accessory parts. They are particular about parts of Side x Side like rear and front racks, floorboards, stick shifts, etc. which are important parts for Side x Side like Polaris RZR. This company was founded by Kevin Savant who made his first invention at the age of 14 which was a four-wheeler rack. The reality of hid dream started from the point where he used homemade tools, as well as scrap metal to invent it. Sooner than later, he became a very young business man due to popular demand of his invention.

Taking it large scale was a big decision, and was a big decision, and he hired some of the best staffs in the world to bring the dream to a reality. Now, some are into the customer service support, and others in the production point. In addition, they have different distributors in several parts of the world, so that these ATV and UTV accessories can reach customers at the quickest time.

Savant Manufacturing didn’t just stop with manufacturing parts for Side x Side like Polaris RZR, they have new inventions, such as the powder coated paint system which has made things a lot easier for ride-enthusiasts. It uses an automatic system to clean and wash the several UTV parts before it is then coated with paint to make it fancier, and looking as clean as new. We can say the brand carefully looks at the market so they could manufacture a product from pre-existing ones that will supersede in quality and feature.

In general, Savant mfg. is a company with values, and these include; having a team that will dedicate their whole lives to satisfying a customer’s needs, being innovative and creative, as well as having a transparent platform for transactions to take place without the fear of being defrauded. Strong Made is a company beyond UTV parts; it is a family.

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