SSV Works

Side By Side Vehicle Works is shortened as SSV Works. It is a manufacturing firm that strives to utilize the best technological techniques to manufacture high-quality products. It is based in Oxnard, California and has an estimated number of about 20 employees. SSV Works has what it takes to manufacture the right products for your Polaris RZR given that they have been in the industry for the last over 30 years. Because of the company’s reliability, UTV accessories experience, professionalism and customer support, SSV Works has been trusted by many global UTV manufacturing brands. If you are an off-road enthusiast, you will love everything about SSV Works.

Endeavoring to build every product with you in mind, SSV continues to offer exceptionally durable aftermarket accessories for your Polaris RZR such as powerful audio systems. The skilled staff spends countless hours designing and researching what would be the best off-road accessory to meet and even exceed your needs. That is not all! These UTV aftermarket accessories come at a very affordable price and last long. Sounds amazing? Of course yes and that is why you should keep such brands close by.

That said, SSV Works also participates in Social responsibility policy that seeks to end human trafficking and eradicate slavery as a requirement of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (SB 657). This is seen through strict guidelines in ensuring that suppliers do not use forced or bonded labor. This policy is clear and SSV Works expects all their suppliers to certify adherence to this policy. Any sourcing or purchasing agent willing to work for SSV Works is required to attend mandatory training regarding Corporate Social Responsibility policies. With these policies, you can understand how SSV Works value humanity and their willingness to promote the well-being of those even who are not their customers. Can you imagine how better their customers will be treated?

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