Sedona Tire & Wheel has its headquarters in Boise, Idaho, here in the United States of America. The company began its operations in 2006 and from the start, the goal was clear - to offer off-road solutions through the manufacture of high-quality UTV accessories. This goal would also be seen as a desire to provide cutting edge technology, real-world performance and tangible fun for UTV drivers. Since Sedona understands how pivotal the right tires and wheels are for side by side drivers, its owners collaborate with one of the largest automotive wheel and tire factories. Further, Sedona manufacturing process includes detailed research and rigorous testing of the UTV aftermarket accessories to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards and their technical aspects are the best.

Through pushing their boundaries and going an extra mile, Sedona makes sure that your off-road trip is thrilling, safe and uninterrupted. You get tires that can withstand harsh weather conditions and crazy terrains and obstacles to enjoy a cool and super-fast ride. That’s not all. These wheels and tires are made from tough materials and thus exceptionally durable. By now you may be thinking that you will need to break the bank to afford them. No, for the value you receive, they would be regarded as just affordable. You may have your reservations about the feel of the tires. Let us make it clear now – these UTV aftermarket accessories, ideal for your Polaris RZR are rugged and cool. In other words, they have a modern feel and with them, you can confidently go extreme whether you are racing or just enjoying your weekend adventurous ride.

With excellent workmanship and high innovation, Sedona keeps releasing new models in the industry. They have very efficient distribution systems to make sure that their products reach to the customer on time.

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