Rockford as a brand came out different because they manufacture the least but one of the most important aftermarket accessories for Side x Sides, and that is the audio system. We cannot but look at how audio systems can improve the quality of trips on the road because blaring sounds coming from stereos enhance performance, especially in a RZR. With the UTV audio system, there is a lot that can be accomplished off-road. They are literally an ultimate aftermarket option since Rockford makes sure they are built with the latest tech, and improved with fancy features for effective performance.

Rockford was established late in the 1970’s out of the desire to bring out the best sound from a home speaker. They became inspired, and driven to make quality UTV audio systems years after, and look at where they are today. However, before they got to this stage, they moved from speakers to amplifiers, and then processors, to woofers, and many other products till they ended up with UTV audio systems. This shows they have the potential to exist for so many years with changing technology to manufacture accessories that consumers will see important. What a great investment for your Ranger!

Rockford so far, so good, have their UTV audios at a good price which doesn’t cost much, and won’t put end-users under duress. Although, whatever is needed depends on the power required which is an important factor, but when considered becomes very easy. Can you imagine riding smooth, on the road, and playing nice songs from your RZR’s stereo by Rockford, just to get people envious of you? That fly feeling is what they expect from customers, and they will always stay on top of their game if they come up with great designs as the years go by.

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