OptiMate the premium brand of TecMate S. A. The industry was established in 1994 in Belgium. They have grown so well to the extent of having offices North America and South Africa. Since September 1994, they have continued to develop and manufacture top quality products for all vehicles.

They deal with the production of professional battery charging, battery testing, tuning tools, and engine troubleshooting tools. Their products are aimed at servicing power sport engines, marine engines, automotive, light aircraft, and industrial equipment products. Their products are made from very high-quality materials that make them work perfectly when fitted.

OptiMate battery design was given birth to due to the TecMate’s professional charger knowledge and experience received from TecMate. This made it easier to design the saving charging method in 1995. The major essence for the creation is to save AGM, GEL, and STD lead-acid batteries that have stopped working due to neglecting them.

Their products are dedicated to UTVs accessories, and Polaris RZR. OptiMate products can now be used to charge, tests, and used for maintaining lithium(LiFePo4) batteries. TecMate offers several unique products like electronic precision tools for the power sports industry which makes them run faster and work smarter.

They also provide cables and other powered accessories for your powersport vehicles, UTVs, like the Polaris RZR. Several products are manufactured under private labels for companies and brands searching for quality products.

Amazingly, OptiMate offers all their products to all their customers at pocket-friendly prices, and this makes it affordable for all in search of quality products. Their smart, skilled and professional team are always on hand to offer the very best products for all their customers.

Your Polaris RZR, is destined to run smoothly and more efficiently when you make use of the highly professional products coming straight from OptiMate.

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