HMF Racing

HMF Engineering Inc. was established by Hans Luenger in 1997 with their headquarters in Cleveland Ohio. He made his first invention from his garage where he built a motor exhaust. His innovative UTV ideas led him to start the company first on a small scale with three of his friends before he started large scale, and manufacturing UTV items for Polaris RZR and others. Majorly, they are into UTV and ATV exhausts which were built using advanced tech.

The brand started off manufacturing exhausts at a low, affordable price which was a problem at first because people didn’t believe; however, due to increase in demand for these UTV exhausts, the brand needed a platform to make large sales, so they teamed up with GNCC ATV that made them become who they are today. This partnership boosted sales, and increased their dominance in the powersport community. Suddenly, racers started becoming conscious of their Side x Side, knowing whether they had the HMF racing exhausts or not. As a racer, if you do not, then you are missing out a lot of good.

Many years after that, they have been one of the key players in aftermarket UTV exhausts which is a smart move for them. They have a website where all information, and purchases can be made at ease, and problems can be related. For instance, the Twitter platform of the site is active, so that people who prefer that to other methods of communication can find it easy to do. Also, there are YouTube videos on the website that describes different things about UTV exhausts, and they advise customers to subscribe to the channel for more details. Lastly, for easy navigation, exhausts for different vehicles have been properly organized, so you don’t have to search endlessly for your Polaris RZR exhaust.

HMF Engineering Inc. has plans to make lives better many years from now, judging by their quick development over the years. They have gone further to manufacture other items aside exhausts such as gears and UTV parts which are topnotch and impressive in quality and function.

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