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Under 3000 Lb Winch

You don't always need the biggest and baddest Polaris RZR accessories to optimize performance. In fact, running overly excessive accessories can sometimes be detrimental, which is often the case with winches. If you're not mudding, hill climbing, rock crawling, or riding on extreme terrain, the use of an under 3,000 Lb winch is more than sufficient. Anything bigger and you're going to be weighed down unnecessarily. Although we wouldn't suggest going with an incredibly weak winch, units rated to pull 2,000 pounds, 2,500 pounds, and 3,000 pounds can easily accomplish most general-purpose tasks for everyday use cases. Add to this a recovery kit with a snatch block pulley and you're set up for most common situations that you might encounter day-to-day. Polaris RZR under 3,000 Lb winches like the 3,000 Lb KFI winch are more than strong enough to save you from sticky situations. They incorporate a planetary gear drive free from plastics and other materials, using metal alone for a gear and transmission that are strong as nails. And with features like mechanical brakes and free spooling clutches, such under 3,000 Lb Polaris RZR winches are both safe and convenient to unfurl, operate, and roll back up when the job is finished.

KFI also offers a 2,000 Lb winch for the Polaris RZR, which, at a weight of less than 10 Lbs, is among the lightest pound-for-pound winch available for the Polaris RZR. But in addition to KFI's under 3,000 Lb winches for the Polaris RZR, companies like Kolpin Powersports, Warn, Moose, and Kimpex also make light and compact winches for the RZR in the under 3,000 Lb weight class. And with both steel-cable and synthetic winches for the Polaris RZR 570, RZR 900, and RZR 1000 rated to pull up to 3,000 pounds, Everything Polaris RZR is here with whatever you need in the RZR winch department. So get all the benefits of a winch without being weighed down with an under 3,000 Lb Polaris RZR winch from Everything Polaris RZR!

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