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Winch Covers

Protect your winch from mud, dust, water, and debris with a Polaris RZR winch cover from Everything Polaris RZR! Not only will a Polaris RZR winch cover protect the delicate internals of your electric winch, but it'll also prevent the winch line from getting wet. Although heat from the winch drum can help to dry synthetic winch lines out after use, re-spooling a synthetic line caked with mud or dirt will wear the rope and degrade its strength over time. And without a winch cover, your winch line can become nearly as dirty as it is after being used. Plus, if your winch line is made from natural fibers, it will rot if it's not aired out and dried properly prior to re-spooling. And where cable winch wires are concerned, prolonged exposure to water can cause rust and corrosion, which will weaken the line and cause it to fray over time. So if you want to extend the life of both your winch and your winch line, a bolt-on or Neoprene winch cover is advised. While the latter is mostly for protection against water and particulates, the former will guard your winch from impacts, bumps, fender benders, and other accidents. Companies like Rogue Off-road make great accessories to encase RZR winches in solid metal, thereby shielding them from whatever happens on the trail. But one disadvantage to solid winch covers for the Polaris RZR is their weight. Whatever style of winch cover you prefer, however, you can find one to suit your every need here at Everything Polaris RZR.

UTV firms like KFI, SuperATV, Warn, and others all make Polaris RZR winch covers. If you ride on sandy or salty roads, winch covers are essential for preserving the quality of a winch. And for muddy trails, snow-covered prairies, and areas of high moisture, winch covers for the Polaris RZR will also prove highly advantageous. If you've invested in a winch, you may as well spend a little extra to protect it with a Polaris RZR winch cover from Everything Polaris RZR!

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