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Turn Signal & Horn Kits

Are you looking for a plug-and-play turn signal kit with a toggle switch and horn for your 2017 RZR 1000? Or how about a turn signal setup that integrates seamlessly with the rear lights of your 2020 RZR Turbo? Whatever situation you're in, if you want to make your UTV street legal, chances are that you'll need to install a Polaris RZR turn signal and horn kit. While you might be able to get by with hand signals in some states, most municipalities in the US mandate the use of blinkers and horns. But even if you're in a state where turn indicators aren't compulsory, there are many benefits to be had through the use of Polaris RZR blinker kits. Unlike hand signs, lighted turn signals can be seen on the darkest of nights. And if you're riding with a crew, lighted turn signals will help prevent unwanted separation. Be it for safety or for legal purposes, those who want turn signals and horns on their Polaris RZRs come to Everything Polaris RZR to get all their street legal needs met at a single location!

In many US States, as long as your RZR is insured, registered with the appropriate tags, and driven by a licensed individual that is following all the traffic laws, it is perfectly legal to drive on paved roads. In some areas, you can tag an RZR as either a class 1 vehicle or a medium-speed vehicle. The motor vehicle laws in some states require DOT tires, while others require a DOT windshield. But for the most part, turn signal kits and horns are almost always needed to make a Polaris RZR street legal. And for the best horns and turn signals around, Everything Polaris RZR is the place to shop. With street legal horn and signal kits by companies like SuperATV, Corbin Custom Works, and several other leading side-by-side firms, you're sure to find the right setup at Everything Polaris RZR to meet both your needs as well as the requirements set forth by your local governing body.

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