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Lighted Mirrors

If you've been disappointed with lighted UTV mirrors in the past, let Everything Polaris RZR assuage your frustrations. With lighted mirrors for the Polaris RZR from trusted side-by-side brands, Everything Polaris RZR is the distributor of choice for RZR owners who don't mess around. We've got crazy-bright lighted mirrors designed to augment your headlights, as well as mirrors with built-in running lights to display the positioning of your machine to others. You can choose between clear and smoked lenses, and you have the option for breakaway functionality as well. Be it a set of Xprite side mirrors for your Polaris RZR 900, or a Seizmik lighted rearview mirror for your RZR Turbo, Everything Polaris RZR has the best 2-in-1 lighted mirror kits around. Not only are our lighted mirror kits a breeze to wire up, but their light output is great and they mount without any slop or looseness. Sure you could get a dome light for your roof and a set of outward-facing light pods for the A pillars, but with lighted Polaris RZR mirrors, you'll kill two birds with one stone and avoid the need for extra lights. And because we proved amazing deals on lighted mirrors from companies like Rigid Industries, Seizmik, and TMW Offroad, you'll get industry-leading products at unbeatable prices!

As far as lighted rearview mirrors go, few can match the Halo-RA LED rearview mirror by Seizmik. It operates its high-intensity LED bulbs wirelessly with four AAA batteries, and uses onboard electronic chips to give you functional or accent lighting. In addition to white light, the LEDs under the Halo mirror can emit blue, red, or green light. Change the color to red and become invisible to animals when hunting at night, or set it to green and remain hidden when you're heading to the fishing hole in the early morning. And if you need some external "night vision" lights, Seizmik also makes lighted side mirrors with green LEDs that pair perfectly with their lighted rearview mirror. Whether you want 180-degree light so you can see around the corner before you turn, or some nice accent lights to set the right mood, the lighted Polaris RZR mirrors at Everything Polaris RZR will fulfill all your needs.

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