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Soft Roofs & Top Caps

You don't always need the toughest and strongest alternative of an aftermarket side-by-side accessory. And in many cases, running something that is lighter and more flexible can actually bring greater benefits. Many riders have specific needs that demand the use of a hard roof. However, there are equally legitimate reasons for running soft Polaris RZR roofs and top caps. Not only are Polaris RZR soft roofs cheaper in general, but they are also easier to both install and remove. Many RZR owners want the ability to effortlessly take off and store their roof on nice days, then just as easily put it back on when the need arises. With a soft Polaris RZR roof, you can go roofless in the morning when it's nice and cool, then install your soft roof later on for some refuge from the mid-day sun. Soft roofs and top caps are also a good option to use during the cold months. If you don't want to spend the big bucks on a hard roof, you can get many of the same benefits from a soft roof on your Polaris RZR. And if you're concerned about noise and fitment issues, the soft roofs you'll find at Everything Polaris RZR strap down tight, mitigating the cause of those annoying flapping sounds. Regardless of whether you have the Polaris RZR S 900, the Polaris RZR 570, or an Xtreme Performance RZR XP 1000, here at Everything Polaris RZR, we've got the right soft roof for you and your UTV.

Contrary to what you might have heard, not all soft roofs and top caps for the Polaris RZR leak. Furthermore, not all RZR soft tops tear easily either. Sure, if you jab your soft roof with a razor-sharp buck knife, it will puncture. But under normal driving conditions, chances are you'll be more than fine with a soft RZR roof. Companies like Pro Armor, GCL UTV, and PRP UTV Products all make exceptional fabric roofs for the Polaris RZR that will hold their own on any trail or track. Use them to block the rain or use them as a shelter from the sun, but whatever you do, avoid disappointment by shopping at Everything Polaris RZR for all your soft top needs!

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