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Cab Gun Racks

From on-seat Polaris RZR gun racks to vertical gun racks that mount on the floor in the middle of the vehicle, Everything Polaris RZR has all you need and more when it comes to cab gun racks for the Polaris RZR. Pistols, Glocks, and revolvers can be mounted on the side of your hip or along your right / left leg, but for rifles and shotguns, on-person holsters are likely out of the question. And although some riders choose to mount their weapons inside cases or boots on the exterior of their machine, others prefer to use in-cab gun mounts instead. Racks that hold guns inside the cab of a Polaris RZR not only keep them better protected from the elements, but in-cab gun racks are also great for personal safety purposes. Be it to fend off a grizzly or a large cat, there's definitely some peace of mind to be gained from having a gun at the ready in the cab of your RZR. Furthermore, if you're hunting wild game or clearing your land of pests / vermin, you might only get a few seconds to blast before your shot is no longer there. So whether it's an in-cab gun scabbard that mounts on the floorboard or a gun rack that occupies the passenger seat, Everything Polaris RZR has the right cab gun rack for any scenario.

No matter if you own the RZR Pro, the RZR Turbo, or the RZR XP, we've got an in-cab gun rack to secure your firearms flawlessly regardless of your particular Polaris RZR model. With cab gun racks by companies like Razorback Off-Road, Seizmik, and Moose, our selection of top-tier brands is sure to offer something that suits your needs perfectly. You can run vertical gun racks on both the driver's side and passenger side, or just a single in-cab gun rack in the center or behind the seats. Want a gun rack that holds your weapons with the stocks pointing up? We've got them. Or would you rather have an in-cab gun rack that can hold a gun case? We have those as well. While suction cup racks and magnets can work on soft terrain, when things get rough and bumpy, a solid in-cab gun mount from Everything Polaris RZR is essential.

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