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Food Plot Kits

For proper soil testing and preparation to ensure a fruitful food plot, you can't beat the Polaris RZR food plot kits from Everything Polaris RZR. Whether you're wanting to plant clover, oats, soybeans, or chicory, we've got the food plot kits to attract any species of wild game, be it quail, wild turkey, or white-tailed deer. Once you've chosen the right location and determined the appropriate size for your food plot, the fun can commence. With a Polaris RZR food plot kit from Everything Polaris RZR, you'll not only get the perfect seed blend, but also the right equipment for the job. And regardless of if you're starting a food plot from scratch, or maintaining a pre-existing food plot, we've got the Polaris RZR food plot kits and implements for every step of the process.

For clearing the site and killing weeds, Polaris RZR drag attachments work wonders. And if you're wanting to spray herbicide, fungicide, or general pesticide, you can get a Polaris RZR food plot kit with an in-bed or hitch-mounted sprayer attachment to boost your effectiveness. After the site has been cleared and the weeds have been dealt with, the next task involves working the soil. In the olden days, moldboard plows were used to till the land. Nowadays, however, UTV implements like disc plows and rototillers can be used to loosen the ground and expose the nutrient-rich soil that lies beneath. Finally, the last step in the food plot process is preparing the seedbed and sowing the seeds, and for this, Everything Polaris RZR offers tools like cultipackers, seeders, and spreaders. Your approach will differ slightly depending on the type of soil you're working. For soil with a high clay content, you'll want to ensure proper drainage to prevent flooding and erosion, as clay-rich soil absorbs less water than silt or sandy terrain. Irrespective of the ground conditions, however, and regardless of your chosen prey, the Polaris RZR food plot kits at Everything Polaris RZR will ensure that your food plots are effective, easy to build, and even easier to maintain!

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