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If your current Polaris RZR heater isn't cutting it, or if you're after a new UTV heater for your rig, Everything Polaris RZR has your back. Regardless of where you're riding and how cold the temperatures get outside, you can trust the Polaris RZR heaters from Everything Polaris RZR to get the job done right. We've got dual-vent UTV cab heaters with built-in defrosters, as well as heater kits with four vents for both upper and lower heat output options. Need something simple and cheap that isn't a pain to install? The 12V Polaris RZR heater with a swiveling base by Greene Mountain Outdoors is the perfect option. Not only is it portable and lightweight, but it uses the 12V auxiliary power outlet and requires zero wiring or plumbing. If, however, you're looking for something more permanent with a higher heating capability, we also have Inferno cab heaters, Firestorm cab heaters, and Polaris RZR heater kits from companies like SuperATV, Moose, and MotoAlliance. Whether you're out hunting in late fall, plowing snow in early spring, or breaking trail toward your secluded mountain cabin in the dead of winter, with a Polaris RZR heating unit from Everything Polaris RZR, you'll stay comfortably warm no matter how chilly it gets.

When it comes to installing Polaris RZR heaters, many riders choose to tie them into the upper radiator hose. Others, however, tap into the oil cooler line right after the water pump for heat. If your Polaris RZR heating unit isn't cranking out heat like it should, you could try switching to the other oil cooler hose. Many riders tap into the inlet side of the oil cooler, but the outlet side is much hotter. Thermostats can also get stuck open, and heater cores can become crystallized. So regardless of whether you need a brand new UTV heater, or if you already have an RZR heater and simply need a few replacement parts, Everything Polaris RZR can help you out with all your heating needs!

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