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A-Arm Guards

Give your Polaris RZR the protection it deserves with a proper set of a-arm guards from Everything Polaris RZR. Not only will you find guards to protect the a-arms on your RZR 900, RZR 1000, or RZR XP Pro, but the Polaris RZR a-arm guards we carry will also help to shield your machine's axle, CV joints, and boot covers. The front and rear CV Boot Guards by Extreme Metal Products are a great example of an accessory kit that provides amazing protection to multiple components at once. But EMP isn't the only game in town. Trusted side-by-side brands like Axiom, Factory UTV, Pro Armor, and AFX Motorsports also make fantastic a-arm guards for the Polaris RZR lineup. Whether you're after some aluminum a-arm guards for your RZR Turbo, or some super strong UHMW plastic a-arm guards for your RZR 570, there's no place better than Everything Polaris RZR for quality a-arm guards, a-arm shields, and axle boot guards. So if you're tired of swapping out a-arms and axle boots, or if you're wanting to prevent future damage to your machine, the a-arm guards and control arm guards at Everything Polaris RZR are as good as they come!

Ride unprotected and you're sure to regret it. Regardless of whether you're running the stock Polaris RZR a-arms, forward a-arms, or high clearance a-arms, we've got the guards to ensure their longevity. Sure you might not need them if you have boxed a-arms, but many RZR owners would rather be safe than sorry. And unlike other brands of Polaris RZR a-arm guards out there, the guards offered at Everything Polaris RZR come with built-in drainage features to prevent the trapping of mud, rocks, and other debris. After all, if you're running a-arm guards to protect your CV boots, you might actually increase the chances of a torn boot with a bunch of junk stuck above your a-arms. Be it a solid set of Trail Armor a-arm guards or an a-arm guard kit by Ricochet Off-Road, Everything Polaris RZR has all the best a-arm guards for savvy Polaris RZR owners.

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