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Half Windshields

Full windshields are great for some RS1 owners; but we know a number of racers, mudders, and trail riders who have never liked full windshields and never will. Such riders argue that with full windshields, it takes too much time and effort to consistently clean the sight lines when they get dirty. With a Polaris RS1 half windshield, however, you aren't required to incessantly stop and clean. Instead, by running a half windshield on you RS1, you're able to simply look overtop when the mud and dust starts to accumulate. And if you're trail riding and happen upon a creek, the side levers on half windshields easily unlock, allowing you to give it a quick dip for easy cleaning. Plus, every rider knows that the engine heat in the cab of an RS1 doesn't mix well with hot summer days, so the more one can do to increase airflow, the cooler the cab will become. No matter if you're exploring the trail network in your area, tearing it up at a nearby OHV park, or racing around competitively on the off-road short course circuit, the protective yet lightweight half RS1 windshields at Everything Polaris RZR will benefit you. And because we work with cutting-edge side-by-side parts manufacturers like Over Armour Offroad, UTV Inc, SuperATV, and many more, we are able to tap the cream of the crop for quality Polaris RS1 half windshields. If you're on the fence about getting one, now is the time to try!

For those who prioritize visibility, a clear half windshield for the Polaris RS1 is the perfect accessory. But if you want a little reprieve from the glaring sun while dune riding, we also offer tinted half windshields for the Polaris RS1. Although both full and half windshields for the Polaris RS1 have their advantages and disadvantages, for standard riding conditions, half windshields are all one needs. If you ride in the winter, a half windshield might not pass muster. But for every other season, a Polaris RS1 half windshield is where it's at.

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