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Under 3000 Lb Winch

As a single-seat vehicle, the dry weight of the Polaris RS1 is a bit less than its multi-seat RZR counterparts. And as far as winches go, this means that most RS1 riders will do just fine with an under 3,000 Lb winch. But regardless of whether you're up to your elbows in mud, stuck in a snow drift, or buried deep in a sand dune, things like snatch blocks, sheaves, and pulleys can be used to turn a 2,000 Lb Polaris RS1 winch into the equivalent of a 4,000 Lb Polaris RS1 winch. And because less-powerful winches for the Polaris RS1 weigh significantly less than larger winches, with an under 3,000 Lb winch on your machine, you won't be toting around unnecessary weight on the nose-end or rear of your side-by-side. Be it a 2,500 Lb winch kit from Kolpin, a 2,000 Lb winch by the UTV firm SuperATV, or a 3,000 Lb Warn winch, at Everything Polaris RZR, we've got the perfect winch for you and your Polaris RS1. Want an under 3,000 Lb wide-spool winch? We can hook you up with one. Or how about a portable winch that can quickly and easily attach to your machine's cage or bumper? We've got those as well. Be completely self reliant and never become hopelessly stuck again with an under 3,000 Lb Polaris RS1 winch from Everything Polaris RZR!

You never know what you'll encounter on a ride. And even if you're not actively seeking mud pits or swampy terrain, there are times when such ground conditions are unavoidable. So to prepare your rig for any eventuality, the installation of an off-road winch is absolutely essential. You can use a winch for recovery purposes, but they also prove useful for both work and recreational applications. If you need to conduct an in situ field dressing after a successful hunt, an under 3,000 Lb Polaris RS1 winch can double as a hoist. And if you're thinking about doing a little snow removal with your RS1, you're going to need a winch to operate the plow blade. Instead of asking yourself why you would need an under 3,000 Lb Polaris RS1 winch, with such versatility, you should instead be asking yourself why you wouldn't!

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