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Winch Covers

Having a durable and reliable winch is one thing, but without proper precautions, even the most well-build winches can still go bad. Knowing how to properly operate a winch will add both safety and longevity to your winching setup, but when your winch is not in use, protecting it with a Polaris RS1 winch cover is vital. No matter what the weather conditions are like where you ride, a Polaris RS1 winch cover will shield you from rain, snow, wind, and sunlight. Even on days where the weather is nice, water and mud can still splash up and into the winch, and humidity in the air can still produce moisture on the inside. Plus, if your buddy is kicking up pebbles, rocks, or sticks in the vehicle in front of you, your nose-mounted winch is susceptible to damage. Whether it's a hard metal or plastic Polaris RS1 winch cover to safeguard your winch from impacts, crashes, and blunt forces, or a soft-sided Polaris RS1 winch cover to prevent rust, line rot, and corrosion, Everything Polaris RZR is here with amazing winch covers for any size or style of RS1 winch!

Be it a KFI winch cover, a SuperATV winch cover, or a Warn winch cover, you can't go wrong by shopping at Everything Polaris RZR for a high-quality Polaris RS1 winch cover. We offer Neoprene winch covers for the Polaris RS1 that are waterproof and machine washable. They'll block mud from the bottom, rain from the top, and dusty winds from all sides. And when your ride is over, you can throw it in the wash and have a like-new cover ready and waiting to use on your next ride! Our Polaris RS1 winch covers work with any mounting style as well. So Regardless of whether you mounted a winch on your machine's front bumper, the frame in the rear, or on a removable hitch attachment, the Polaris RS1 winch covers you'll find here will protect your winch without slipping, falling off, or succumbing to damage themself. Extend the life of both your winch and your winch line with a Polaris RS1 winch cover form Everything Polaris RZR.

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