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Wire Harnesses

Whether it's wire harness for a horn, a license plate light, turn signals, or other street legal accessories, Everything Polaris RZR has an unbeatable selection of Polaris RS1 wire harnesses for any year or model of the RS1. Buying Polaris RS1 street legal accessories is the easy part, and mounting them to your machine isn't that hard either. But when it comes to wiring up new accessories, it's not always sunshine and roses. If you bought your street legal kit elsewhere, it may not have included the right wire harnesses for the Polaris RS1. And as far as diagnosing electrical problems goes, worn out, burnt out, and downright broken wire harnesses are often the underlying cause of electrical issues. Many Polaris RS1 riders prefer using wire harnesses with a built-in fuse as a way to protect their expensive accessories. That way, if an electrical short or surge were to occur, the in-line fuse would blow instead of the accessory itself. Similarly, many wire harnesses also come with relays, which not only help to reduce the strain on the electric system, but also prevent unnecessary drain on the battery. So if you need to bring power to your electric windshield wipers, or if you fried an existing wire harness in your RS1 turn signal kit, our wire harnesses and replacement wire harnesses at Everything Polaris RZR are sure to set you straight!

It doesn't matter if you wire your street legal components through the accessory panel, the buss bar, or straight to the battery, we've got the right Polaris RS1 wire harness for any wiring job. From low-draw accessories like the small LEDs in a lighted license plate frame, to more demanding, non street legal accessories like winches and particle separators, if you need a Polaris RS1 wire harness of any kind, Everything Polaris RZR has what you're after! So what are you waiting for? Get the right wire harness for any job today!

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