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DOT Windshields

It doesn't matter where you're located, if you want a DOT-rated Polaris RS1 windshield that will pass any state or local inspection, the DOT windshields at Everything Polaris RZR are the ticket. When it comes to making your single-seat Polaris RS1 compliant with motor vehicle laws for on-road use, many counties and municipalities require the installation of DOT-approved windshields. Companies like EMP and UTVZilla both make windshields for the Polaris RS1 that have been tested and approved by the U.S. Department Of Transportation. DOT windshields by these firms use panes of automotive glass, which consist of two outer glass layers fused together with a thin and transparent film sandwiched in between -- creating what is known as laminated glass. Unlike polycarbonate, plexiglas, or single-sheet glass windshields, DOT Polaris RS1 windshields with laminated and double-glazed glass are incredibly strong. Not only that, but the laminated glass on DOT windshields also provides better protection against ultraviolet light (which helps preserve the dash, seat, and other elements of the vehicle's interior) and is great at blocking sound waves. So even if you don't plan on making your RS1 street legal, you still might opt for a DOT windshield for the many other benefits they bring!

Unlike other windshields, the DOT windshields for the Polaris RS1at Everything Polaris RZR include manual windshield wipers for all-weather visibility. And because they have a thick aluminum frame that fastens to the RS1 frame via secure and anodized billet mounts, DOT windshields are built to handle the roughest rides and any potential mishap. Plus, because the manufacturing process takes place exclusively within the borders of the USA, every step along the way is meticulously scrutinized and standardized for quality assurance. If you want a cheap Chinese-made windshield that won't last a single riding season, that's your prerogative. But if you would rather invest in a quality product approved by the United States DOT, the Polaris RS1 DOT windshields at Everything Polaris RZR are your best bet!

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