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Not every rider needs a full-blown skid plate package to be adequately protected. For some, a partial skid plate kit for the Polaris RS1 is more than sufficient. So if you're wanting to protect the vulnerable areas of your vehicle's underbelly while remaining as light and nimble as possible, Everything Polaris RZR has the solution for you. We've got partial Polaris RS1 skid plate kits that protect the central areas of the machine, as well as front and rear bash plates to protect the underside of both the nose and tail. If you're racing, rallying, or ripping it up on the off-road short course, you may not need as much protection as a rock crawler or trail rider. But no matter how you ride, you shouldn't leave the underbelly of your RS1 completely exposed. So to hit the perfect equilibrium between protection and weight, a partial Polaris RS1 skid plate kit is your best option. And whether it's a partial skid plate kit from Factory UTV for your 2020 Polaris RS1, or partial skid plate package from XTR Offroad for your 2019 Polaris RS1, Everything Polaris RZR offers skid plate setups from the industry's leading brands for every year and edition of the one-seater Polaris RS1.

In addition to weight minimization, many riders like to run partial skid plate kits on their Polaris RS1 to prevent the buildup of mud and debris. Some RS1 skid plates incorporate slits, perforations, and drainage holes to flush away unwanted material, but not all full skid plates include such features. Partial skid plate kits for the Polaris RS1, on the other hand, are much easier to get above and clean. Plus, because they don't cover the entirety of the UTV's underside, they can be both installed and disassembled in less time and with less effort than their full-blown counterparts. Whatever your reasoning is for wanting a partial Polaris RS1 skid plate kit, Everything Polaris RZR is sure to carry the exact one to meet all of your needs!

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