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Full Skid Plate Kits

From full UHMW skid plate packages by Factory UTV to full aluminum skid plate sets by Trail Armor, if you want complete coverage on the undersurface of your machine, Everything Polaris RZR has the Polaris RS1 full skid plate kits for you. We've got 1/2" skid plate kits for the Polaris RS1 that are specialized for the rocks. So if you find yourself crawling over boulders, hill climbing up jagged slopes, or playing around on rocky trails, a thicker skid plate will serve you well. However, if you don't encounter many rocks where you ride, a 1/2" full skid plate kit might be overkill. Instead, a 3/8" skid plate kit for the Polaris RS1 could be better suited for your needs. It'll give you the underbelly protection you require, without weighing down your UTV unnecessarily. Be it a set of Polaris RS1 full skid plates by BCC Skids or some aftermarket full skid plate kits by one of the other great side-by-side part makers at Everything Polaris RZR, if you want quality skids without overpaying, we are your best choice!

In addition to the thickness of a full skid plate kit for the Polaris RS1, the material used is also important. Many first-time RS1 owners and individuals new to the motorsports world often gravitate toward aluminum skid plate kits. This makes sense, as aluminum is known for being a strong and lightweight material. Besides, if you want a protective accessory that can take the brunt of an impact, the thought of using plastic over metal is somewhat counterintuitive. However, the ultra-dense and high-molecular-weight polyethylene material that many Polaris RS1 full skid plate kits are made from is both incredibly strong and amazingly resilient. It doesn't dent like aluminum, but instead pops right back to its original shape after a hard knock. And because it's slicker than snot, it slides right over rocks, stumps, and uneven ground without getting caught or hung up. The right skid plates for you and your RS1 will depend on several factors. But regardless of what you're after, the best full Polaris RS1 skid plate kits can be found at Everything Polaris RZR!

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