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A-Arm Guards

When you're driving at high speeds, it doesn't take much to damage an a-arm. And because they are so close to the ground, even the shortest of obstacles can sneak under your bumper and damage an a-arm. Luckily, solutions exist that can save your control arms from the hardest of impacts; and one of the most practical of such solutions are Polaris RS1 a-arm guards. Be it protection from rocks, logs, or stumps, running the right Polaris RS1 a-arm guard kit will absorb the impact of any on-road impediment, saving you from costly a-arm repairs and replacements. If you look closely at the lower a-arms on a stock Polaris RS1, you'll see that there's no support across the inside portion of the arm, which makes it very weak. You don't have to be going fast to bend or break a bare a-arm, which is why many riders choose to add aftermarket Polaris RS1 a-arm guards for added strength, support, and protection. Whether you're track riding at the local ORV park, driving on wooded trails deep in the backcountry, or jumping over sand dunes, you won't regret installing a set of a-arm guards on your Polaris RS1.

Instead of using Polaris RS1 a-arm guards, some riders choose to run beefier aftermarket a-arms instead. While this is a viable option, it's not necessary, or even recommended, for all riding styles. With boxed or high-clearance lower a-arms, the brace itself will be stronger, but the CV boot is still exposed and vulnerable. Plus, with new-age a-arm guards that use various drainage methods, you won't have to worry about the extra weight or abrasiveness of dirt and mud that can accumulate on top of an a-arm guard -- which is a primary argument for upgrading a-arms over adding a-arm guards. From Trail Armor a-arm guards for the Polaris RS1 to a-arm guards by companies like ORB, getting high-end a-arm protection has never been this easy!

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