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Soft Roofs & Top Caps

For the best Polaris RS1 soft roofs, top caps, and sun covers, few can match the diversity of Polaris RS1 soft tops offered at Everything Polaris RZR. When you need shelter from the storm, shade from the sun, or a simple yet effective way to insulate your machine during winter, a soft Polaris RS1 roof is the answer. Soft roofs install in minutes, and can hold their own against sharp branches, harsh weather conditions, and high wind speeds. The top caps and soft tops for the Polaris RS1 at Everything Polaris RZR will fit tight and fit right. They won't ripple or flap around in the wind while you ride, and they can even be left on when you tow your rig at interstate speeds. If you prioritize strength, we've got super tough soft roofs for the Polaris RS1 that can withstand whatever you throw at them. And if you prioritize durability, the long-lasting Polaris RS1 soft roofs at Everything Polaris RZR will continue to benefit you with exceptional service for years to come. If you've analyzed the pros and cons of soft Polaris RS1 roofs and came to the conclusion that a soft roof is right for you, Everything Polaris RZR is here to hook you up with the best soft roofs on the market today!

Some riders are under the false impression that you can't run other accessories with soft Polaris RS1 roofs. However, with a soft roof from Everything Polaris RS1, you can run roof storage bags, roof-mounted light bars, and other roof-related accessories. Although you can't drill into Polaris RS1 soft roofs like you can with metal and poly roofs, there are many accessory options available that tie into the upper frame rather than the roof itself. Without a doubt, there are situations that call for hard roofs. But for everything else, a soft Polaris RS1 roof is more than sufficient.

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