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Polycarbonate Roofs

Be it a polycarbonate roof from UTVZilla, Double Ott UTVA, or SuperATV, Everything Polaris RZR has the right poly roof for you and your RS1. Unlike their metal counterparts, polycarbonate Polaris RS1 roofs are generally see-through, giving you both upward visibility and natural in-cab light. Tinted polycarbonate roofs are also an option, which use built-in tinting materials rather than laminated tinting that uses a sheet of tint on a standard pane of polycarbonate. In this way, you get useful light in the cockpit while simultaneously blocking harmful UV rays and heat from the sun. So whether you're out on the dunes at high noon, ripping it up at your favorite UTV park in the heat of summer, or riding at high elevations with little to no tree cover, you'll be cruising in comfort under the shade of your tinted polycarbonate RS1 roof. And if you ride where it's seldom sunny, worry not, because the polycarbonate Polaris RS1 roofs at Everything Polaris RZR are sealed up and waterproof to keep the rain from entering your cab. Regardless of the climate where you ride, you'll be protected with a polycarbonate roof from Everything Polaris RZR!

While you can find plexiglass roofs out there, we'd suggest polycarbonate roofs instead as they are less prone to cracking. The smoked 1/4" polycarbonate roofs from Everything Polaris RZR, for example, are hundreds of times stronger than glass, yet lighter than many types of metallic roofs. And because our polycarbonate roof kits for the Polaris RS1 come with 318 stainless steel carriage bolts, washers, and nyloc nuts, you'll have all the required mounting hardware to get up and running in a matter of minutes. Sure metal roofs have their place, but if you want a snug-fitting, non-rattling roof for your Polaris RS1, the polycarbonate options shouldn't be overlooked. So if you've made up your mind and decided on a poly Polaris RS1 roof, Everything Polaris RZR can help you bring it to fruition!

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