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Metal Roofs

Custom metal roofs for the Polaris RS1 are great, and factory metal RS1 roofs aren't bad either. But if you want a metal roof for your Polaris RS1 that won't cause you to go bankrupt, Everything Polaris RZR not only has the best metal roofs, but also the lowest price points. Polaris RS1 aluminum roofs are popular among racers looking to keep their unsprung weight to an absolute minimum, however trail riders, mudders, and rock crawlers also enjoy the benefits that aluminum roofs bring. For a trail buggy, an aluminum roof will shield the rider from branches and low-hanging limbs. For a rock crawler, the strength of an aluminum roof allows it to protect the driver from falling rocks. And for mud machines, metal roofs are the perfect way to block spatter raining down from above. Let us not forget about the dune riders either, who use metal roofs with built-in sun visors to help block the intense desert sun. These metal roofs extend downward towards the hood, contouring perfectly against the machine's roll cage. So regardless of the style of riding you partake in, with a Polaris RS1 metal roof from Everything Polaris RZR, you'll have the confidence and competence to overcome any challenge!

As far as manufacturing goes, the metal roofs at Everything Polaris RZR undergo a series of steps to ensure that they adhere to strict quality control measures. Many metal roofs for the Polaris RS1 are formed using cold-rolled, 16-gauge aluminum panels. These panels are then shaped and cut using precision computer-guided lasers, which ensures that the edges are smooth and the fitment is spot on. If you want a metal Polaris RZR roof in black, we've got black powder coated options for you. Or if you'd prefer a white metal roof, a red metal roof, or a chrome metal roof, we have those available as well. Whatever type of metal you require and regardless of the finishing method, Everything Polaris RZR has your back with the best metal Polaris RS1 roofs around.

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