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Hard Roofs

Get the overhead protection you demand with a Polaris RS1 hard roof from Everything Polaris RZR! When you're in need of a quality hard roof, not just any RS1 roof will suffice. Some hard roofs for the Polaris RS1 are known to rattle, while others might be a bit too heavy for those looking to shed every unnecessary ounce of weight from their machine. But because the hard Polaris RS1 roofs at Everything Polaris RZR are lightweight and come with anti-vibration pads / rubber washers, you can get the shelter you need without the added weight or annoying sounds that are all too common with other RS1 hard roofs. No matter if you're racing around the track competitively, skimming across the desert sand dunes for fun, or ripping it up on the local trail network with your UTV club, hard roofs are extremely valuable accessories to own. Not only will they shade you from the sun during the summer, but they'll also block snow during winter as well as help to keep your cab dry on those rainy spring days. Be it a hard aluminum roof by companies like Pro Armor and EMP, a hard polycarbonate roof like the ones by SuperATV and Spike Powersports, or a complete Lonestar Racing bolt-on roll cage with a roof included, all your RS1 hard roof needs can be fulfilled at Everything Polaris RZR.

The factory Polaris roof for the one-seater RS1 is a decent product. But as the case is with most things, you're required to pay extra for the brand-name status. So instead of going the factory route, many riders choose aftermarket hard roofs for the Polaris RS1 that are cheaper, stronger, and all-around better than the name-brand Polaris hard roof. Be it a polycarbonate RS1 hard roof, a metal RS1 hard roof, or a plastic RS1 hard roof, you'll get exactly what you're after with a hard roof from Everything Polaris RZR!

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