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Lighted Mirrors

Use them in conjunction with your headlights or use them as running lights, but if you want the 2-in-1 mirror accessories with the best built-in lights, you must shop at Everything Polaris RZR. A good Polaris RS1 mirror is great, but what's even better is a lighted Polaris RS1 mirror. You don't need light bars and cube lights mounted to your grille and A pillars to get sideways illumination when cornering, and you don't necessarily need a dome light or cage-mounted accent lights to see while in the cockpit. With the right lighted mirror kit on your Polaris RS1, you can both reflect light and emit light. The LED spot light mirrors by Moose, for example, are a great way to get 180-degree illumination. They include lights on the back and side sections of the mirror, which increase the intensity and width of your forward visibility when driving in the dark. And for those that use their Polaris RS1 for hunting, fishing, or trapping, "night vision" LED mirrors can be used to make yourself invisible to specific animals. The green light on Seizmik's Pursuit Series side mirrors, for instance, are great for times where stealth is important. But whatever type of lighting you require, the lighted mirrors at Everything Polaris RZR are available to light the way.

Why use up precious cab space, add unnecessary weight to your vehicle, and spend extra money on superfluous side-by-side accessories? With Polaris RS1 lighted mirrors, you can ditch the added cost and bulk of interior / exterior lights and instead get your illumination from the mirrors themselves. Not only will you gain the ability to see what's happening behind you, but you'll also get better forward and side visibility as well. Some of our lighted mirrors for the Polaris RS1 are battery powered, while others can be easily wired into your machine's electric system. So if you want to improve your driving experience at night, the best place to start is with some lighted mirrors from Everything Polaris RZR.

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