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Wiring and Harnesses

It doesn't matter if you're experiencing issues with your factory lighting, or if you're installing aftermarket lights in your UTV, you'll find any Polaris RS1 wire kit or wiring harness here at Everything Polaris RZR. It's fairly easy to install lights and other electric-powered accessories in the Polaris RS1. There's a pulse accessory bar under the dash, and you can buy Polaris RS1 pulse pigtails / wire harnesses from Everything Polaris RZR that attach to it. Alternatively, you can also get read and black wire kits for the Polars RS1 with spade connectors to wire things up yourself. However, with a huge selection of wiring harnesses and wire harness adapters for the Polaris RS1, you can find anything you need to fit the existing plugs on your machine's electric system. Be it some wires or wire harnesses for lighting accessories, or a replacement plug for the Polaris RS1 key switch, we've got everything you need and more at the electrical wire section of Everything Polaris RZR!

Installing Polaris accessories in your RS1 is a breeze. But even if you're trying to wire in some non-Polaris accessories, we've got the wire harnesses and wire adapters to save you from hours of fruitless work and needless frustration. We have Polaris RS1 accessory power harness that can plug directly into the buss bar, as well as replacement wire harnesses for factory Polaris RS1 components. Loose battery terminals can often lead to electrical issues, and short circuits are also problematic. But a common issue with the Polaris RS1 electrical system is bunk wire harnesses. So if you're experiencing electrical issues, the wire harnesses are one of the first places you should check. And if you've identified this to be the problem, the replacement Polaris RS1 wire harnesses at Everything Polaris RZR are ready and waiting for you to make an order!

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