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From aftermarket SLK headlights for the Polaris RS1 to accessories like halo rings and angel eye kits, Everything Polaris RZR has all the best Polaris RS1 headlight and taillight gear. We've all been in situations where things didn't go according to plan. And whether you got into a slight fender bender on the track, or collided into a tree on the trail, if you've damaged a headlight or taillight on your RS1, Everything Polaris RZR can hook you up with replacements. We have replacement headlights and taillights for the Polaris RS1 that are similar in style and functionality to stock, as well as aftermarket replacements that are superior in terms of brightness and longevity. So even if your headlights and taillights are completely fine, you might still want to upgrade them for better performance. Headlights from the 2014-2020 Polaris RZR XP 1000 can fit the RS1, and many riders choose to swamp their factory RS1 headlights out for an RZR headlight set. Furthermore, Polaris RS1 halo lights are also available for both the inside and outside of the headlight housing -- although we'd suggest the former, as exterior halo light sets don't tend to last in the elements. No matter if you're after blue headlights, RGB Polaris RS1 headlights, or some headlight covers to protect your headlights when racing during the day, we've got the stuff you're after here at Everything Polaris RZR!

Although headlights are more important than Polaris RS1 taillights when you're moving forward, this isn't always the case. Many riders find themselves reversing frequently, and require bright taillights for proper visibility when doing so. Plus, taillights also allow other riders to see your vehicle in the dark, and brake lights notify them when you're stopping. So if your taillight bulbs need replaced, if you cracked a Polaris RS1 taillight housing and want a new one, or if you would like taillights that can also function as turn indicators, we can help on all fronts at Everything Polaris RZR. So don't delay and get what you need for better, brighter, and badder headlights and taillights for your RS1 today!

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