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Accent Lights

It doesn't matter if you're after some Polaris RS1 rock lights, an underbelly light kit, or a set of interior running lights, Everything Polaris RZR is the place to go for the best Polaris RS1 accent lights! We've got 4-piece accent light kits for the Polaris RS1, 8-piece accent light kits for the Polaris RS1, and 12-piece accent light kits for the Polaris RS1. If you're after functional white light accent LEDs, we have many to choose from. Or if you'd rather get some colored RGB accent lights, we offer those as well. Be it some Quake LED accent lights for the wheel wells of your rig, a set of Quad Lock accent lights for the outside of the UTV, or a few Polaris RS1 accent lights by Custom Dynamics for the cab of the vehicle, you'll find whatever it is that you need amid the wide selection of accent lights at Everything Polaris RZR. And as far as accent light mounts and controls go, we've got heaps of options available. Some riders like to have their accent lights wired to a rocker switch attached to a light-specific switch panel. Others choose accent light kits with remote controls, or even accent lights that can be adjusted via bluetooth-connected smartphone applications. If you're struggling to see during moments of little to no light, the Polaris RS1 accent lights at Everything Polaris RZR will serve you well.

For those that want purple Polaris RS1 rock lights or under-glow lights in red, blue, green, or yellow, the best place to find them is at Everything Polaris RZR. The weatherproof design of our Polaris RS1 accent lights makes them perfect for any climate, terrain type, or riding style. And because many of the accent lights and rock lights we offer come with built in fuses, you won't have to worry about power surges or electrical shorts wreaking havoc on your accessories or electric system. Cast light everywhere you need it and nowhere you don't with a Polaris RS1 accent light kit from Everything Polaris RZR!

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