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Overhead Gun Racks

If you're a Polaris RS1 rider who also likes to shoot, we've got some great accessories for you at Everything Polaris RZR. Regardless of whether you're sporting clays, big game hunting, or target shooting, when it comes to transporting firearms from place to place in your UTV, you can't go wrong with a Polaris RS1 overhead gun rack. Some of the overhead gun racks made for the Polaris Ranger and Polaris RZR can also work in the Polaris RS1, but not all of them will. So if you're on the hunt for a roof-mounted gun rack or a gun rack that clamps onto the UTV's upper roll bars, make sure that the gun rack you're looking at will fit the single-seat cab of the Polaris RS1. Depending on the length of your weapons, there might be some overhang with a Polaris RS1 overhead gun rack. However, in addition to sideways, lateral, and parallel overhead gun racks for the RS1, diagonal overhead gun racks also exist to help you hold longer guns above your head in the Polaris RS1. Whatever your particular needs may be, we've got an overhead gun rack to meet them!

Be it for holding scoped rifles or mounting gun boots, we've got an overhead gun rack for every situation. Space in the cabin of the RS1 is limited enough already. Add to this the various supplies and gear needed for hunting and there is little room left for the gun itself. But by making use of otherwise empty space, overhead gun racks solve this issue. Sure you could run a pull-behind trailer to carry your guns and equipment, but with a Polaris RS1 overhead gun rack, you may not have to. Regardless of whether you're hunting large game with a 30-06 Springfield, or small game with a .223 caliber rifle, you can hold your guns with both care and safety by using a Polaris RS1 overhead gun rack from Everything Polaris RZR.

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