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There are many ways to secure a gun when riding a Polaris RS1. You can use a rifle protection and transport system like the ones by ATV TEK, or an overhead gun rack like the ones by Great Day. However many riders prefer to use Polaris RS1 gun grips and gun clamps to attach firearms onto their single-seat side-by-sides. One reason for this is the versatility of gun grips and gun clamps. You can use them to hold a Model 70 Winchester on your way to the shooting range one day, then use the same grips or clamps the next day to hold a shovel, axe, or rake when you need to do some chores around your property. The Rhino grips by Kolpin Powersports are a great example of quality gun grips for the Polaris RS1. They can hold up to 15 pounds and are able to both tilt and rotate to meet any angle requirements you may have. Similarly, the Polaris RS1 gun holder by Razorback Off-Road is another great gun grip that can work with both shotguns and rifles. And because it is able to adjust vertically as well as horizontally, it'll function how you want it to regardless of your needs.

Gun grips for the Polaris RS1 are great because you can use them on either the interior or the exterior of your machine. And if you run a tow-behind trailer, you can even use them with that! It doesn't matter what kind of shooting you do, how far you ride, or how rough the conditions are, with the right gun grip, gun clamp, or gun holder form Everything Polaris RZR, you'll be set for whatever comes your way. Invest in a set for one gun, or several sets for multiple guns. But whatever you do, if you want quality service and ultra-fast shipping times, shop at Everything Polaris RZR for your gun grips, gun clamps, and gun holders and you won't be disappointed.

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