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Cab Gun Racks

Although the cabin space in the Polaris RS1 is limited when compared to the multi-seat RZR models, with the right racks and accessories, you can optimize the cockpit to suit your every need. And if you're wanting to optimize your machine for hunting, sport shooting, or personal protection, there's no better accessory to install than a Polaris RS1 cab gun rack. The on-seat gun racks that are common in other side-by-side models won't work with the Polaris RS1, but there are many options that will. There are in-cab Polaris RS1 gun racks that mount to the rear section of the roll cage, as well as dash-mounted gun racks that hold firearms just under your line of sight. And for those packing handguns, we've got specialized magazine holders and in-cab Glock / revolver racks if your 4-point harness is preventing you from using inside-the-waistband holsters. Although the gas pedal is probably the best way to avoid predators like bears, wolves, or mountain lions when riding in the woods, the added peace of mind brought about by easily-accessible firearms on sturdy in-cab Polaris RS1 gun racks is something many riders enjoy.

Aside from personal protection, having a gun close by in the cab of your Polaris RS1 is also useful for pest mitigation. Whether you're spotlighting raccoons to keep them out of your livestock feed, or trying to eliminate the gopher colony that sprung up in your corral or paddock, the Polaris RS1 cab gun racks at Everything Polaris RZR can help. When time is of the essence and you need to capitalize on the moment immediately, having an in-cab gun rack can be the difference between a successful shot and a missed opportunity. Be it a Moose Polaris RS1 cab gun rack or an adjustable-height vertical cab gun rack by Kolpin Powersports, we've got what you need to take full advantage of the second amendment while you ride here at Everything Polaris RZR!

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