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Food Plot Kits

Whether you're a bowhunter, a rifle hunter, or an animal observer, we've got the Polaris RS1 food plot kits to attract all kinds of wild game. Need a soil test kit to ensure that the ground is fertile enough to support a food plot? Or how about some soil amendments and a discing implement to mix them into the ground to improve water retention, aeration, or soil structure? Whatever you need, we've got Polaris RS1 food plot kits for every step of the process. The seeds you choose are important, but if you haven't properly prepared the ground, a disappointing yield will likely ensue. It doesn't matter if you're planting annual mixes or perennial mixes, without a little tender love and care, your food plot won't last more than a few seasons. Luckily for you, there are ways to add efficiency to the food plot process. Polaris RS1 cultipackers, for example, are perfect for creating an optimal seedbed for a flourishing food plot. Additionally, spreaders and sprayers can also be used to broadcast seeds, disperse fertilizer, and spray problem areas with fungicides or herbicides. Join the modern food plot movement and get all the right food plot implements and food plot kits for your Polaris RS1 from Everything Polaris RZR!

Be it for hunting or observation purposes, if you want to attract animals to a particular area, you must create a suitable habitat. In addition to ample space, proper cover, and readily available water, food is an extremely important factor that can draw animals to a specific location. Unlike baiting, food plots are a more natural and sustainable way to attract and maintain populations of wild game. Green browse plots filled with forage plants are the best way to attract both white-tailed deer and wild turkeys. While forage plants such as alfalfa, soybeans, and kale will attract deer, the insect biomass associated with such plants are the perfect food source for hen turkeys and their chicks. Regardless of why you want to attract animals, you can build any kind of food plot in any area with the right Polaris RS1 food plot kit from Everything Polaris RZR!

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