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Be it a Polaris RS1 disc implement with smooth discs for normal soil conditions, or a Polaris RS1 disc implement with cut-away discs for chipping up weeds and plant matter, we've got you covered with the best Polaris RS1 discs here at Everything Polaris RZR! Need a disc harrow to prepare virgin ground for your soon-to-be food plot? Or how about a disc plow to chop up hard, dry, and sticky soil? Whatever you're growing and wherever you're growing it, you won't be disappointed by our selection of disc implements for the Polaris RS1. The Polaris RS1 disc plow implement by Kolpin DirtWorks, for example, uses two gangs of four 14" discs to rip through the ground. You can use it to blend manure into the soil, to chop up residual chaff from the previous growing season, or to expose fresh soil replete with nutrients. No matter if you're growing on rocky ground, sandy soil, or areas rich in clay, the benefits of tilling the terrain with a disc implement are myriad. So stop wasting time and get a Polaris RS1 discing tool for your UTV today!

Be it acidic peat soil or loam soil with a higher pH level, the best way to control both the nutrient levels as well as the acidity of your soil is with a Polaris RS1 disc implement. Calcium carbonate or dolomitic limestone can be mixed into the ground using a disc implement in areas that are too acidic, while things like rock sulfur, peat moss, and composted wood chunks / sawdust can be introduced with a disc to ensure that your soil isn't overly alkalic. After adding the proper ingredients and mixing them thoroughly with a Polaris RS1 disc plow or disc harrow, you'll be good to go regardless of what you're growing. You don't need a fleet of tractors and a full lineup of farm vehicles to get things done. With tools such as Polaris RS1 disc attachments, you'll be able to complete any job using your Polaris RS1 with both time and money to spare!

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