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Hard Cab Enclosures

Whether you're looking to reduce in-cab engine noise or wanting to ride during winter without feeling cold, you can do both exceptionally well with a Polaris RS1 hard cab enclosure. Regarding the latter, hard cab enclosures are the perfect accessory for all-weather riding. You can use a hard Polaris RS1 cab enclosure during the rainy season to stay dry, or use one during the dead of winter to stay warm. Take off the panel behind the seat while you're at it and you've got yourself some free engine heat! Sure you could wrap your RS1 frame in acrylic panels to block a little wind, rain, and snow, but with one of the professionally-made Polaris RS1 hard cab enclosures from Everything Polaris RZR, you'll be ready for whatever conditions Mother Nature has to offer. You don't need to migrate south during the winter to ride, nor do you have to avoid going out on windy or rainy days. After a full hard cab enclosure is installed on your Polaris RS1, few things will be able to come between you and an awesome day of riding.

A good hard cab enclosure for the Polaris RS1 must be sealed up tight in order to be both dust-proof and waterproof. But on top of that, a quality hard cab enclosure for the Polaris RS1 must also be strong and sturdy. Many RS1 owners tow their machines from place to place on open, flat-bed trailers, so having an enclosure system that can withstand high-speed interstate stretches is crucial. And as far as protection on the trail goes, if your cab enclosure can't hold up to a few knocks from tree branches and flying rocks, you may as well just cover your ROPS with Saran Wrap. Whether it's a hard cab enclosure for the stock Polaris RS1 cage by CEC Enclosures, or a custom-built Polaris RS1 hard cab enclosure to fit your aftermarket roll bars, if you can't find what you're after at Everything Polaris RZR, chance are you won't be able to find it anywhere!

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