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Whether you're wanting to adjust the volume of your sound bar without having to reach up, or if you're struggling to fine-tune the bass on your multi-speaker audio system, we've got the Polaris RS1 controllers to give you unrestricted authority over your machine's sound equipment. Volume controls are important, and without them, you might struggle to hear your music over the sound of your engine, your muffler, or other riders in the vicinity. However, with the audio controllers available at Everything Polaris RZR, you'll be able to adjust far more than the volume of your speakers. If a particular song isn't hitting like you want it to, we've got controllers to let you turn down the treble and crank up the bass. If you're running a multi-speaker sound system, the fading, balance or equalization might be off. And as you might have guessed, we've got the Polaris RS1 controllers to fix that. Be it wireless controllers that utilize bluetooth connectivity or a complete media control screen built right into the dash of your RS1, we've got you covered with whatever kind of controller here at Everything Polaris RZR.

Most audio kits and UTV sound system packages include controllers. But things like sound bars and stereos sometimes forgo auxiliary controllers in favor of on-board buttons and dials. Whatever situation you find yourself in, however, we're here to assist you. No matter if you've lost your Polaris RS1 controller and need a replacement, or if you want every aspect of your machine's sound system tied into a single control unit, we've got the right controllers for any occasion. Need a pre-amp controller? The one by MB Quart is a popular one. Or how about a dash mount for your sound bar remote so it doesn't get lost? You threw down to invest in a side-by-side sound system for your Polaris RS1, so get the most out of it through the use of a versatile controller unit from Everything Polaris RZR!

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