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A-Arm Guards

Whether you're riding on rocky trails or tearing it up on the off-road short course, without proper a-arm protection on your Polaris RS1, you're putting your machine at risk. Regardless of if you want aluminum a-arm guards or UHMW a-arm guards, you can find whatever it is that you're after here at Everything Polaris RZR. Although any Polaris RS1 a-arm guard is better than nothing, the right a-arm guard for you will depend on both how you ride and where you ride. If you encounter a good deal of rocky terrain when riding, you'll likely want to protect your lower a-arms from getting dented and bent. Aluminum a-arm guards for the Polaris RS1 are decent, but they too can dent on impact. Plus, aluminum is more sticky than UHMW, and will drag across rocks instead of sliding over them. For riders that tackle mud holes whenever they get a chance, a-arm guards with drainage capabilities are a must. After all, if you bought a set of Polaris RS1 a-arm guards to protect your machine's CV boots, if they collect mud, dirt, and debris on top of themselves, your a-arm guards might be hurting more than they're helping. It are the little things that often make the biggest difference, which is why we leave no detail unscrutinized at Everything Polaris RZR.

From Pro Armor a-arm guards for the Polaris RS1 to a-arm guards by companies like Factory UTV and Moose, if you're going to protect your a-arms, do it right with a set of a-arm guards from Everything Polaris RZR. Our a-arm guards fit both factory and aftermarket RS1 a-arms, and don't require any cutting, grinding, or re-shaping. Most RS1 owners can get away with 3/8" a-arm guards, but if you find yourself banging around in the rocks with some frequency, then 1/2" a-arm guards might be more appropriate. No matter if you use your Polaris RS1 for Pro UTV Endurance Championship races, or a little recreational fun on the weekends, protect your a-arms during the heat of the action with one of the many great Polaris RS1 a-arm guard kits at everything Polaris RZR.

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